Starting with an opening chapter, any writer is challenged each month to continue the current story being told by The Modern Dickens Project. Chapter by chapter, month by month, for twelve months, resulting in a collective thirteen chapter novel.

Who can submit an entry?
Anyone may submit an entry for any chapter.  Writers DO NOT need to live in Iowa to be eligible, although the story that is being submitted must be distinctively Iowan.

How does it start?
Starting in September of each year, an initial chapter written by an established guest author will be posted on The Modern Dickens Project website. This initial chapter will set the tone and style of the following chapters.

What happens next?

Writers are invited to create the next chapter of the existing story.  A winner will be selected by an editorial panel and posted on the website for subsequent authors to build upon the following month.

When can I enter?

Each chapter will be published at midnight (Central time) on the 1st of each month. Writers will have until midnight on the 21st to submit a next chapter in the story based on all previous chapters. Winners will be selected and notified if their selection is chosen before it is published.

What about editing?

The Modern Dickens Project will publish the winning contestant’s name and lightly edited entry while the contest is ongoing. Before final publication, the final manuscript will be professionally edited and biographies for each author published in the final book.

Who will own the copyrights?

The author of a chapter will retain ownership of the chapter’s copyright. By submitting the work, the author is allowing the The Modern Dickens Project to use the submitted and final chapter at its own discretion in support of the work.